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What Harley Davidson would be good for a first time rider for highway riding?

I drive currently Honda CB 200 1975 and I am looking to buy / rent a Harley Davidson, which is a bit light, but can be worn comfortably on the road.

Would it be wrong to change the exhaust on a new Harley?

I am fixing on purchasing my first harley. . . a Black denim FXDF “Fat Bob”. One of the things that they emphasize is the Tommy Gun 2 to 1 to 2 exhaust. I started one this weekend and it sounds like a pussycat. So I have been toying with the idea of sticking some V&H Black Short Shots on. . . once I get the bike of course. Opinions?
Adjustments. . . can I just add a power box to it so it will self adjust.
ha ha. . . I will be running the exhaust with baffles in, I do like loud pipes but it shouldnt be painful to the rider or the guy 3 blocks away.

Recommendations that would help Harley Davidson company?

I need to think of recommendations that would help the Harley Davidson company since its not doing too well right now??? any thoughts? This is for a school project. Thanks!

What cruiser style bike would you say has the best riding dynamics Harley, Victory or some other manufacturer?

I know it would be nothing approaching a sport bike but what brand or model offers the best mix of handling, technology, smoothness, and with minimal annoyances?

What would cause my Harley Sportster to back fire and shut down?

I was driving down the street got up into third gear when the bike back fired and puttered out. One restart it just wouldn’t fire up. I changed the spark plugs and charged the battery, I can smell gas so I believe it’s getting gas.

a posting on how to sign up for a chance to win a Harley and the sons of anarchy would anounce winner How?

There was a segment on television before winning on Harley chance, and the winner during the Sons of Anarchy Anybody know to be announced, what where?

what would you do if you change careers and are suddenly a Harley Davidson motorcycle sales person?

I have a new job, sell Harley. I ride a Fatboy but never used in other models. Now I’m in the center of attention.

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