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Fatboy Rides Like a Pro

Sandy Davison rides on his 105th Anniversary Harley Fatboy in Jerry Palladino’s Ride Like a Pro Show. He has only been riding for 6 months and learned these techniques from the Motorman.

I am a new motorcycle rider and I would like to know what type of Harley would be good for a big guy to ride?

In the 510 320 and ask myself whether a FAT or Street Glide ok. In 32, I’m not stupid. All help is just not want the dealer a push bike in my 20 000

How to Turn Harley Fatboy into a looking like a Chopper?

I have a 2000 Harley Fat Boy, but I want to look for front end like a helicopter. I love everything about the bike as it is, but I want to give you this look helicopter. What is the easiest way to see the front end to get excited. New brand with the highest degree of slope? Or do I need a new fork, or just buy the tree Triple w / Rake set? I do not want to affect the title. Thanks

Custom Harley Fatboy Softtail Tiger Woods would like…

2700 Original Miles, Fed Confiscation,Delkron High Performance engine, tranny Unknown (smooth engagement(not HD tho’)Awesome Bike! Make Offer. In TEXAS. USA. Shot me a email and i can find you any vehicle your looking for. Insurance auctions from around the country. LUxury, classic, Rv, boats Bikes, choppers, you name it. I can find it for you …probably less than half of what you you think.

Can anybody please recommend me a movie like Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man?

I am looking for the same type of movie, something that’s old like this movie and that involves two guys fighting with bad guys and you know what i mean if you’ve seen the movie, cuz it’s kinda hard to explain.

Harley sounds like a steam engine when running or like a compression release is open?

It’s a buddies bike. It sounds like compression being released or a steam engine when running. Then it will just stop for a while, then start up again. Nobody seems to know the problem. No loss of power, just a weird sound.

Is there a sound that you like more than the sound of a Harley?

I love the sound and feel of a Harley, but there is one sound that is so much more intense and that is the sound of a Lions roar during feeding time at the zoo. It’s so powerful and intense it gets me so excited. It makes me quiver. My heart starts beating really fast. Im getting hot thinking about it.

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