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I need proof if this is a scam or not. Know craigslist?

My uncle replied on craigslist add. He tried a Harley Davidson Fat Boy to buy for $ 4,800. If you something about these Harley’s much to know to be true. He received two e-mails and sent them to me. The basis is this guy is the Air Force and parking along the sea. He says he will send the bike and let my uncle go for a while and if you do not want to send it back. The only problem is that says to raise money for a guy to send e-Bay and they will hold the money until my uncle is the bike and try it. He wants me to find out if it safe a fake or not. The problem is that I have anything on e-bay. Please help me get the proof, every e-mail, says maneira.O eBay Motors Fast ID # 54345681 Available Andrew Bullock began a novotransacci?n by eBay. Check the details of this transaction completed and queson needed. The sale of vehicles is up to $ 20,000 Hear purchase price of the vehicle, whichever value is lower. TransactionProceso eBay Motors VPP ID: 54345681 Item: 2003 Softail Harley FatBoy DavidsonPrezo: U.S. $ 4 800 protected. 00 Verified Seller Profile Andrew Bullock eBay Motors members in good standing since 2005.E-mail address Sgt andrewbullock @ gmail. com. Verified Identity and contact information. Follows rigorous cumprirCriterios membership. Committed eMediaci?n for the settlement of disputes. Purchase protection cover of up to $ 20.000.Complete the first step transaction in 5 easy steps EVendedores Purchaser in accordance with the transaction terms and a selling price. Motors TendaEBay contacts with the transaction details, Step 2 EBay Motors accepts atransacci?n purchase and provides protection for the buyer (transacci?nfor refused, no further action is required or buyer or seller), 3 Step. The buyer will receive an invoice and sends the payment to Motors.Despois payment is verified through eBay Motors eBay will start otransporte the seller. Seller has three (3) business days to deliver a system seguimentoN?mero of buyers and eBay Motors. If no tracking number provided, a full refund is immediately sent to the buyer, step 4. The Compradoresrecibe oveh?culo and has five (5) business days in order to inspect it. If you described, as are agreed, the buyer must accept the vehicle. If not, oVendedores be responsible for returning the vehicle to step 5 Despoiso inspection period is over, the buyer must contact eBay Motorsresultado inspection possible. If the buyer can repay pagamentoser refuse vehicle of the buyer. If the buyer takes the vehicle, the payment you will be sent to the vendor within three days (3) business. Overview of the protection buying veh?culoQu? happens if the seller does not respond after the payment is completed? respond to repeated attempts to encourage EBay different part of a process that can peronon guarantee participation, since the process totalmentevoluntario. If the defendant does not, within a week, when sunset was responding to first time, it is unlikely that a Resposta we close the case received. When you hear the other party after the casopechado, let’s reopen the case and informed lo.Actualmente, the seller can purchase a vehicle protection coverage is $ 20,000 U.S.. Transactions with this seller are covered by the protection compracontra fraud and error description. For your safety, this account foibloqueado today. The seller may not withdraw any money, within the period of these. For buyers or sellers safety, if the owner of this account must tantopara the payment of at least 15 days since this d?aantes that the money waiting to be released from the account purchase protection, is closed. When you need a refund for that operation ? The value of safe operation shall be removed and your purchase protection vendedorconta returned. The reimbursement is sent s?aconta bank or by check or cash. The way you are refunded will ofhis discretion. You have 15 days from date of testing before solicitarda restitution. Refund requests are processed within three d?as.Compra with confidence on eBay Motors! The Car Purchase Program Protecci?nprotexe buying a vehicle against fraud and false material “program is provided by eBay Motors for FREE on all vehicles completed elixiblestransacci?ns on eBay Motors. There is no sign-up opt-in sonAbrangue, ourexistro. The following types of fraud and deception material: pay for a car from a

Cruise control for a harley davidson motorcycle???? really need to know!!?

make it a cruise control that with a Harley-Davidson Fatboy 2004 carb ?????? I have to work really !!!!! Thanks to know!

I am a new motorcycle rider and I would like to know what type of Harley would be good for a big guy to ride?

In the 510 320 and ask myself whether a FAT or Street Glide ok. In 32, I’m not stupid. All help is just not want the dealer a push bike in my 20 000

Need to know if a Harley backrest assembly will fit my bike?

I have a Electraglide 2002 and I need to know if a back of a 2000 Fatboy fit.

Does anybody know where I can get a custom paint job for my motorcycle?

Do I need a new tank for MY 2001 Harley Fatboy and always thinks a custom color, while I was there.

Does anyone know how the Harley-Davidson motorcycle the FATBOY got its name and why?

4 Things Your Implant Dentist Wants You to Know

If you planned for an implant and is considered one of the many nervous patients, the dental implant or adapt them to their will. One of the best ways for a patient may feel better about an upcoming surgery, is just learn to expect what in advance. The best cosmetic dentists will take you through the process before its completion, he knows how the process and goes, what you can do to make your recovery process fast and smooth. There are four things that tell your dentist you Harley Street: 1. What are dental implants? A dental implant takes the place of a permanent tooth in his smile. During the procedure, the dentist will put a small stake in the titanium jaw. After curing of the cheese, the pin is firmly implanted in the jaw, you will be returned to the specialist and a crown or permanent restoration will take place elsewhere. The entire process usually takes 4-9 months to rematar.2. What can you expect? At the first visit, performed under local anesthesia, so you can stay pain free, you must set the titanium pin in the jaw. The duration of this process depends, can be expected that, about an hour per tooth at this stage to spend in particular. Then the lower jaw is allowed to heal, as the process of osseointegration, the implant known permanently attached to his chin. For a jaw implant, it may take up to three months for an upper jaw implants, six meses.Despois, wait until the process of osseointegration is complete, return to the dentist and have a whole permanent on-site repair. Your dentist will wear a temporary tooth or crown to during the healing process, so you never without a tooth in the course of proceedings. You can expect to spend about an hour for a dental crown or permanent restoration. Again, you may receive general anesthesia for the case is indolor.3. What can you expect after the procedure? During the two phases, the work can back the next day. For a very short time during his convalescence, slight pain, swelling or a small amount of bleeding. Such complaints can with medication balc?n.O your dentist can choose to be controlled, to put it on a routine course of antibiotics if the infection is a concern. Must complete oral hygiene during the recovery phase of the practice and follow the instructions of your dentist Cosmetic superior.4 given. How long does an implant? The good news is that despite an implant lasts several months, can last decades if properly cared for it. After the implant process is complete, it is important to follow your dentist’s instructions carefully. You need a careful planning of oral hygiene, which is suitable to adapt your dentist to suit your needs continue. With the right level of care you expect on the implants for at least 15-25 years would have.

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