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how exactly would donated Harley Davidson motorcycles help in the Haiti relief effort?

“The 28 Buell and Harley-Davidson motorcycles will be first on the Motor Company in the Dominican Republic sent Magna Motors are granting organization before it is delivered to the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Hait?.As bicycles are used for disaster relief and stabilization efforts in the Caribbean . Haiti has suffered an earthquake on 12 January and in various countries and organizations have offered humanitarian aid. The motorcycles will remain still later as a permanent donation to the Government of Haiti. Unless they are sold at auction and the product is simple, if it really help?

how exactly does a hypercharger work on a harley davidson?

I want to know all of the in and outs of a hypercharger. Spacificly what are the two hoses for on the sides of the “Ring” and what are they doing connecting to the top of the cylynders.